DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURAL, FOOD, ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES | Private School of Inetrnational University Studies for the Sustainable Development
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Department of Agricultural, Food, Energy And Environmental Sciences

Private School of International University Studies for the Sustainable Development

The glocal and holistic approach

Since 1996

What is D.A.F.E.E.S?


The Department of Agricultural, Food, Energy and Environmental Sciences ( D.A.F.E.E.S. ) is a private School of International University Studies dedicated to the Sustainable Development, following the paradigm of  «The GloCal and Holistic Approach».

The academic Institution is dedicated to the study and guardianship of the environment. Its mission is to promote a sustainable culture by emphasizing that sustainability is either a moral imperative or a profitable field of activity. Every course, research initiative and/or scholarly symposia approaches this objective through the specific lens provided by the disciplines.

Only by promoting the knowledge that “sustainability” is economically and morally profitable can we hope to avert a catastrophe on a planetary scale concerning insufficient availability of food, feed, water, biodiversity, energy.


Basing on the 3 levels of teaching activities for the American Academic System, the D.A.F.E.E.S. DEPARTMENT offers a wide range of courses, available for any University Network for the following Degrees:


A four-year BACHELOR of Science Degree for undergraduates Student, with majors in Environmental, Agricultural, Veterinary, Biology, Ecology, Flying Drones Management studies.


A two-year MASTER (post-graduate) tailored for Environmental, Agricultural, Veterinary, Biology, Ecology, Flying Drones Management studies.


A six-month CERTIFICATE program for multiple topics, career-focused, customized for accelerated programs of study for learning-by-doing courses related to Environmental, Agricultural, Veterinary, Biology, Ecology and Flying Drones Management studies (whose Compartment is one of the most advanced in the world). Available either for undergraduate or for postgraduate Students.