What and Who we are

The Department of Agricultural, Food, Energy and Environmental Sciences ( D.A.F.E.E.S. ) is a private School of International University Studies dedicated to the Sustainable Development, following the paradigm of  «The GloCal and Holistic Approach».

In terms of background, D.A.F.E.E.S. Department established in 2002 a permanent cooperation with Istituto di ricerca di Dr. Arioli e C. S.a.s., an Italian company with 20 years of experience in agro-food production, environmental care, R&D in agricultural and renewable energy sectors in European, African and Asian Countries. The company is managed by its CEO, Prof. Alessandro Arioli, agronomist and EU consultant and reviewer.

The academic Institution is dedicated to the study and guardianship of the environment. Its mission is to promote a sustainable culture by emphasizing that sustainability is either a moral imperative or a profitable field of activity. Every course, research initiative and/or scholarly symposia approaches this objective through the specific lens provided by the disciplines.

“Sustainable Development” is the cornerstone of our University’s environmental mission. We firmly believe that we need to provide a future to “developed” and “developing” Countries with positive models that do not hinder opportunities for collective survival.

However, D.A.F.E.E.S. believes that “developing Countries” should not be asked to suffer the economic and developmental losses that the developed western world is not willing to endure.

Only by promoting the knowledge that “sustainability” is economically and morally profitable can we hope to avert a catastrophe on a planetary scale concerning insufficient availability of food, feed, water, biodiversity, energy.

Our ethic Guidelines

In terms of coherence with the worldwide trend of demography and natural resources’ consumption, the risk of a non-sustainable development would affect the survival of our planet and of the mankind as a whole, if these nations will misleadingly identify profit with the logic of optimization of profit that has brought the world to the brim of global scarcity of food, feed, water, biodiversity’s guardianship and renewable energy (“food, feed, water and energy security global issues”).

People, planet and profit

If our planet is to have a future, it will be in the framing of appropriate models of sustainable production and consumption. D.A.F.E.E.S. Department has started various University-wide projects regarding these research areas, including a broad range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities to work in the fields of sustainability and environmental studies.

In the future, already starting with the present, we believe that many career and business opportunities will be connected to sustainable development. Policymakers, managers, politicians and businessmen will have to face environmental issues.