What and how we teach

Teaching Programmes

In terms of coherence with the worldwide trend of demography and natural resources’ consumption, the risk of a non-sustainable development would affect the survival of our planet and of the mankind as a whole, if these nations will misleadingly identify profit with the logic of optimization of profit that has brought the world to the brim of global scarcity of food, feed, water, biodiversity’s guardianship and renewable energy (“food, feed, water and energy security global issues”).

Our TEACHING PROGRAMMES are structured as follows.

  • The Department is totally independent from external arranged Universities.
  • Each University provides OFFICIAL CREDITS to Students which successfully passed any exam at the D.A.F.E.E.D. Department academic studies.
  • D.A.F.E.E.D. Department  acts in the behalf of external arranged Universities.

Available Certificates

1 Semester, 225 classrooms

Available for Certificate Diplomes, Master and Bachelor studies

With # 8 Certificates = 4-year bachelor in Agricultural, Food, Energy and Environmental Sciences